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Donna Selfridge Spangler
Sunbury, PA

Fraktur, a Pennsylvania German art from the 1750s, began as an artistic way for families to record special events, such as weddings and births. Inspirational verses were used in Pennsylvania German schools for instruction and were given as graduation gifts to encourage students in their post graduation life. Produced for more than a century, fraktur exemplifies one facet of early American culture that is unique to Pennsylvania.

Each of Donna’s traditional fraktur prints exhibit characteristics of an antique piece with paper stained and aged by the artist to achieve a patination typical of original frakturs.

About the artist…Donna Selfridge Spangler Donna has lived most of her life surrounded by the beauty of the central Pennsylvania mountains and the heritage of the Pennsylvania German culture. It is easy to understand why the traditional fraktur designs-flowers, birds, vines and hearts- and the flowing letters of calligraphy have become so much a part of her life and art. For over twenty years, Donna has enjoyed connecting today’s families with the past by creating lasting heirlooms of family trees, birth and wedding announcements, and inspirational verses that are cherished by people worldwide. She has maintained her State Juried status in the Pennsylvania State Guild of Craftsmen for nearly 20 years.

Pennsylvania has been home to talented artists and craftsmen, both past and present. Donna considers herself fortunate to have collaborated on projects with two very talented craftsmen from Pennsylvania’s recent past. She has worked as an illustrator to the late Kit Ravenshear, completing a series of gun building manuals and illustrations of original firearms that were collected or constructed by Kit. Donna has also worked on various projects with the late David Wagner, Jr. a skilled craftsman who worked in the rifle shop at Colonial Williamsburg. The eclectic background and the admirable generosity of both of these individuals has not only encouraged the examination of her own talents, but under their tutelage also encouraged her son, Justin, to explore his talents as a gun maker.

Contact Donna Selfridge Spangler at:
1275 Mile Post Road
Sunbury, PA 17801
phone number: 570-898-3332

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