Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Eric Fleisher
Newport, PA

I am from Newport, PA which is located along the Juniata River, north of Harrisburg, in Perry County.

I began making 18th and early 19th Century Shot Pouches in 2008. All of my pouches are hand stitched with waxed linen thread. I mainly work with vegetable tanned leather, though occasionally bark tanned deer hide is used. My patterns are created from surviving original bags, photos of original bags and I have blended elements from different originals into my own patterns. Each pouch is dyed, burnished and oiled by hand. I have designed my own iron and brass buckles, based on originals to make adjustable shoulder straps.

I am always looking for original shot pouches to study, photograph and possibly recreate.

Contact Eric Fleisher at:
223 N. 5th Street
Newport, PA 17074
phone number: 717-275-2667

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