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Bob Wiegand
Rock Spring, GA

Became interested in Native American crafts ,like most of my contemporaries, by reading W. Ben Hunt back in the 1950's and 60's. Later learned gunmaking working with William Kennedy in the early 1970's, and developed an interest in re-enacting. If you wanted good looking, period correct accoutrements back then you had to learn to make them yourself.

I have been making quality historically correct items since 1976 and, after a brief sabbatical, am continuing to do so at the present.

I am currently producing quality leather hunting bags and powderhorns and accoutrements to your warrants and order. and will guarantee your satisfaction to the greatest extent possible. Further, quality woodworks and primitive archery gear made also be had.

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Contact Bob Wiegand at:
11 Stonecrest Drive
Rock Spring, GA 30739
phone number: 423.774.3905

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