Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Brian Anderson
Bristol, VT

muzzle loading shooter since 1949 made first powderhorn 1950 have been hunting with muzzleloaders since november 1950 began repairing existing guns and making accouterments in early 50's

Am a professional blacksmith and make tomahawks, knives, horns, two or three guns a year (mostly flint period american but including 16th &17th century european), strikers and small tools. Also general blacksmithing. Best of show & Judges choice - rifles - Dixons 1996 Am a reenactor portraying a member of a lake champlain area french militia unit in the 1750's. I usually bring a portable bellows & forge to events

Contact Brian Anderson at:
447 Frank Orvis Rd
Bristol, VT 05443
phone number: 802 453 2199

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