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John Derrick
Brownsville, MN

John Derrick began making black powder firearms in the early 1990s, after retiring from a career as an English Literature professor. His first inspiration came from his memories of the European firearms he had collected in Germany as an adolescent, during his family’s stay there. It was during this period that his interest in antique weapons had first developed, and his aesthetic affinity for the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was established.

John’s study of guns of that era began with a focus on German Jaeger rifles and has expanded to include works by French and English gun makers. Today he seeks out original pieces that inspire his contemporary interpretations of European masterworks. John’s guns are rarely exact replicas, yet they are all true in spirit to the pre-industrial baroque and rococo styles he loves. His trademarks are his use of inlay, done in elk antler, sterling silver, and bronze, and his fine woodcarving. He produces his brass and silver furniture by the lost wax method, without the use of molds: each is unique. His guns include snaphaunces and wheel locks as well as flintlocks. Jaegers and cheek stock hunting rifles are his specialty. John is currently at work on a series of guns based on originals in "Steinschloss-Jägerbüchsen," by Erhard Büchsen.

Contact John Derrick at:
5323 County 249
Brownsville, MN 55919
phone number: 5077242068

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