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Frank Barker
Charleston, WV

Frank Barker was born on June 9, 1945, in Charleston West Virginia. He was introduced to muzzle loading at the age of 13 by a Junior High School math teacher, Mr. Reginald Lawson.

Upon graduation from High School he went to work at the G.R. Douglas Company where he learned everything from heat treating to barrel fitting and all the other neat things in between.

Frank is now retired and stay’s busy creating hunting bags, rifle pouches, and other leather accoutrements. His wife and best friend Carolyn also makes woven sashes, pouch and horn straps. Their hand made items are of exceptional quality and are very reasonably priced.

Contact Frank at or Carolyn at

Address is: #95 Robinson Hollow Road Charleston, WV 25312

Phone #: 1-304-744-0775

Contact Frank Barker at:
95 Robinson Hollow Rd
Charleston, WV 25312
phone number: 304-744-0775

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