Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Curtis Hoagland
Hillsboro, IN

I WAS FREE BORN. I was born in 1953 in Crawfordsville , IN. At age four I received a Daisy from my Grandpa. It has been all downhill from that point on. In 1975 my "building" career began with a TC Hawken kit . Again, all downhill. My good friend Jerry Eitnier introduced me to flint in 1979 . I build mostly Penn. & Va. guns with an emphasis on reliability i.e fast ignition , a good trigger & coned muzzles. The greatest influence on my building was going to the Ohio - Kentucky show many years ago & being able to see the works of the old masters. I am mostly self taught with the exception of an old friend a block from me teaching me to relief carve & John Schippers at Conner Prairie teaching me to engrave. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Contact Curtis Hoagland at:
P.O. Box 187
307 N. Murphy St.
Hillsboro, IN 47949
phone number: 765-798-6441

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