Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Billy Griner
Woodbine, GA

Billy Griner began making powder horns while in college during the early 1980's. He has continued to make horns on a part time basis since then. His horns are generally made to withstand hard use. He generally makes plain carved horns with a decidely Southern flare. Billy rarely does custom work. However, he will sometimes engrave a horn and leaves space for a name to be added at a later date. His engraved work is orriginal and is from his own pattern book. It is done in a folk art style usually of vines and wildlife done in a manner that reflects his Southern roots.

Billy also makes bags and bag and horn combinations with a Southern or Appalachian flare as well as wing bone trukey calls and other accoutrements. As with horns, they are seldom done on special order as he prefers not ot do custom work. Interested parties should contact him to see what he has on hand. His work can be seen at regional shows and events around the Carolinas and Gerogia. He will ocassionaly have work for sale on the CLA web site. He is a member of the CLA , an HCH Past Guildmaster and continues to be active in the HCH.

Contact Billy Griner at:
1201 Thoroughbred Rd
Woodbine, GA 31569
phone number: 912-322-1085

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