Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


James Rogers
Appomattox, VA

My main area of interest is with fowling guns and their accessories. Study focus lies primarily with early English sporting/civilian arms, their accoutrements and those related firearms that made it to the colonies in various grades of quality.

As my focus primarily lies in the 1675-1770 period, I rely heavily on period images, written accounts and documents, and dug remains. I also take into account any surviving examples when provenance can be well established but they can be few and far between for items like pouches, etc.

I hold this method superior to backdating later examples or creating pieces with little historical foundation to the actual period of representation. This is not to say that I only make exact copy reproductions. I do incorporate my own elements into my work. I do however, refuse to willingly attempt to justify a piece to an existing period with no basis or represent a fantasy creation as historical.

Contact James Rogers at:
419 Lime Plant Rd
Appomattox, VA 24522
phone number: 434-933-8019

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