Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Joe Rushton
Tipton , IN

I have always been extremely interested in the history of our country from the early 1700's to the mid 1800's. A great deal of that intrigue has been focused upon the weapons used and made during that time. Since I was a teenager, I have always had a muzzle loading rifle at my disposal and have spent as much time as possible trying to create experiences that would assimilate those experienced by our ancestors.

It has only been within the last 8 years or so, that I have seriously studied and worked to develop the skills needed to take my love of the long rifle and its accouterments to a more advanced level. As a beginning gun builder, I have had the pleasure of taking a stock carving and engraving class from Wallace Gusler. Beyond that, I have learned as much as I can through trial and error and from other individuals who have similar interests. I have also begun to try my hand at powder horn construction and scrimshaw work. With Art DeCamp as a mentor/teacher, I have grown in my love for this particular art form. I have spent a great deal of time over the last few years, focusing on the skills needed to advance myself within the Honorable Company of Horners.

To date, I have completed one York style flintlock rife and have future plans for a Lancaster and another York. I have completed several scrimshawed powders horns and have finished my first pipe tomahawk. I appreciate what this association and its membership is all about. I am thankful for everything that has been done to keep the tradition alive and moving forward.

Contact Joe Rushton at:
3021 South 500 West
Tipton , IN 46072
phone number: (765) 437-8791

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