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Timothy Ridge
Crossville, TN

Timothy Ridge is a master of hand forging. He is mostly noted for his hand forged knives, firesteels, tomahawks (spike, hammer poll and pipe), powder measures and pick & brush sets. He has made many pieces for museum display cases so the original pieces could be put away for safe keeping. Also, he has made many knives and accouterments for several history-based movies. His work has been acclaimed in several publications including, but not limited to, the CLA's Broadside magazine, Guns magazine, Tactical Knives magazine, and Muzzleloader magazine. In spare time Tim has been known to make hunting bags, powder horns, other assorted colonial notions/ accouterments and a few rifles. Timothy is the product of a father-son workshop mentorship in the 1960's. His father, Albert Ridge, was an arms dealer and an avid student of history who made period reproduction knives for his fellow Civil War reenactors. Timothy began learning his knife-making skills when he was 10 years old. He became a full-time artisan in 1997 and favors the mid 1700-1800's. His registered trademark is a running fox with a TR inside.

Contact Timothy Ridge at:
1282 West Creston Rd
Crossville, TN 38571
phone number: (931) 484-0216

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