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Mark Wheland
Williamsburg, PA

Mark Wheland is a full-time artisan and gunsmith, specializing in historically accurate reproductions of American Longrifles and Fowlers of the 1750 to 1820 period. His goal is always to produce the finest custom-crafted rifles.

His styles include examples of the Allentown or Leigh Valley, Berks County, Lancaster, Christian's Spring, Wommelsdorf, and other schools of the period.

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Each of his rifles is hand-crafted from a select curly maple blank and the highest quality American-made parts available. He uses Getz Barrels and Jim Chambers locks. Butt plates and trigger guards are sand-cast brass. Patchboxes and other parts are hand-made as needed. Each stock is scraped and burnished, not sanded, then finished by hand-rubbing several coats of oil-varnish to give a warm natural glow.

Mark custom-fits each rifle to the client. He occasionally has finished rifles available for immediate sale as well.

Mark takes tremendous pleasure in recreating the beautiful and distinctive firearms of our history, using the finest materials available and traditional methods. No rifle leaves his shop until he feels that it is the very best work that he can do.

Contact Mark Wheland at:
2185 Covedale Rd
Williamsburg, PA 16693
phone number: 814-832-2785

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