Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Dennis Bork
Delafield, WI

Dennis Bork specalizes in late 17th century, 18th century and early 19th century period furniture. All furniture is authentically made with hand planed boards, hand cut dovetails, mortise & tenon joinery and hand applied finished. Only solid woods are used. All carvings are done by Dennis. Slotted screws and cut nails are also used and rusted to look old. Commission work accepted.

Dennis has been chosen for the "Early American Life" magazine Directory of Traditional Crafts for 16 consecutive years, 1994-2009.

Dennis has also received the "Cartouche Award" from the Society of American Period Furniture Makers in 2009, a life time achievement award.

Contact Dennis Bork at:
3215 Golf Rd., #235
Delafield, WI 53018
phone number: 262-646-4911

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