Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Drexel Young
Jamestown, ND

Drexel Young, born in 1948, grew up in Joplin, MO. In the late 1960's he met a few very talented and creative guys building long guns, knives, horns, etc. in Joplin to include Dick Elliott, Charlie Caywood and Bill Blythe. Dick and Charlie helped Drexel build his first rifle, a flinter he still shoots and hunts with. In 1970, he built and traded engraved horns while working in a machine shop. He also did a lot of silver and turquoise jewelry during this time. Drexel continues his artisan career on a part-time basis

Contact Drexel Young at:
417 3rd Ave NW
Jamestown, ND 58401
phone number: (701)952-5968

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