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Gregory Bray
Farmington, WV

Gregory Bray Farmington, WV

I have been making knives since 1990 and blacksmithing close to 20 years. I am the owner/operator of Bray’s Knifeworks est. 1990. I have an interest in researching and making 18th century knives, swords, and other accoutrements. I currently work at Pricketts Fort, a historic, re-constructed 18th century refuge fort, where I am the blacksmith and am currently the Assistant Director. I have been a speaker at the School of the Longhunter presenting topics on blacksmithing and knives and I have written articles for The Backwoodsman. I have taught blacksmithing and knife making classes over the years. I am currently a juried member of Tamarack and Mountain Made and have placed at the Dixons Gun Fair. I have knives throughout the United States and Europe, and currently with some of our soldiers fighting in Iraq and I have done sword repair for the U.S. Government. I guarantee all of my work. You can contact Greg Bray at:

Bray’s Knifeworks Rt. 1 Box 589 Farmington, WV 26571 (304) 825-1288.

Contact Gregory Bray at:
Route 1, Box 589
Farmington, WV 26571

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