Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Karen Hainlen
Greentown, IN

I start with wool straight from the Sheep. Skirt it, clean it, wash it. I then take it to a wool processor to have it put into roving, a form easy to spin. All my products are hand spun. I shrink all my yarn then knit it or weave it into products. I make all my own patterns, trying to keep them as period accurate as possible. I have a full line of different items. Hand wear, hats, scarves, shawls, stockings and hand spun, hand wove Lindsey-Woolsey material, Garments sewn out of my material. I set up at several Living History events. We do French and Indian, Revolutionary War, and 1812 time periods around Indiana and surrounding states. While I am demonstrating my antique wheels, my husband is taking care of our customers looking at my period accurate products. Please check out my web site at;

Contact Karen Hainlen at:
4125 N 1300 E
Greentown, IN 46936
phone number: 765-210-4080

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