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Kyle Carroll
Maysville, MO

Born in Cameron Missouri in 1957, Kyle Carroll has been a "student of the woods" since his youth. His art and the subjects he paints are a reflection of a life long interest in wildlife, the outdoors and American history. Researching his work and physically experiencing the outdoors during living history events, treks into the wilderness with his muzzleloader and re-enactments have helped him develop an affinity with the hardy breed of men and women who lived and died on the edge of civilization. Carroll studied art at Mid America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas and at William Jewel College in Liberty, Missouri. After several years of doing commissioned art work on everything from beaver hides to bank walls, demand for his work led him to limited edition art. As a biologist, hunter, historian and re-enactor, Carroll brings a unique perspective to his work. "I want my paintings to be like a window into the past. I feel like it's my responsibility as an historian to get it right." Carroll visits the areas he paints and researches his subjects before he begins to work on each project. Carroll's knowledge of frontier America and it's natural history combined with having felt the bite of a late winter wind or hearing the whine of mosquitoes on a journey by water have influenced his art and inspired him to write for a variety of publications. Kyle Carroll lives with his wife, Sharon and daughters, Kali and Kelsey, on a wooded hill side above historic lost creek near Maysville, Missouri.


Contact Kyle Carroll at:
2665 SE Sheridan Road
Maysville, MO 64469
phone number: 816-449-5452

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