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Tim Jarvis
Herrin, IL

I grew up in an old southern coal mining and farm town with a population of about 300 in a good year. I became involved in fishing and hunting at a very young age, but I didn’t shoot my first flintlock muzzleloader until the year 1997. I was hooked from day one!

Having always been a history buff, my new found love for flintlock muzzleloaders made me become a student of 18th century history. I decided to expand my love of history and became involved in living history interpretation and historical trekking.

Even though I primarily attend French & Indian War events, which is where my passion is, I have attended Revolutionary War and War of 1812 events. I currently have three different personas: Eastern Woodland Indian (Kaskaskia), Courier de Bois (French Voyageur), and Longhunter. I am passionate about all three of these personas, but my preference is Kaskaskia.

I have had the honor of modeling for artists Andrew Knez Jr., John Buxton, Bryant White, Pamela Patrick White, and Dave Hasler on multiple occasions. I highly recommend you check out their oil paintings. I have also had the honor of being filmed for two different documentaries. The most recent being for the upcoming documentary, “Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West.”

I am currently working on my second book titled “Shadows In The Forest – Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley”. Many of my writings that appear on my website Warrior's Trail ( have also been published in Muzzleloader Magazine, Journal of the Early Americas, and Muzzle Blasts.

If you attend any of the events that I have listed in my schedule, don’t hesitate to track me down and say hello. I will gladly share my campfire with you anytime. Keep the powder dry and God Bless.

Tim's website is Warrior's Trail (

Contact Tim Jarvis at:
3401 N. Park Avenue
Herrin, IL 62948

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