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Tim Jarvis
Herrin, IL

I grew up in an old southern coal mining and farm town with a population of about 300 in a good year. I became involved in fishing and hunting at a very young age, but I did not shoot my first flintlock muzzleloader until the year 1997. I was hooked from day one!

Having always been a history buff, my new found love for flintlock muzzleloaders made me become a student of 18th century history. I decided to expand my love of history and became involved in living history interpretation and historical trekking.

Even though I primarily attend French & Indian War events, which is where my passion is, I have attended Revolutionary War and War of 1812 events. My portrayal is of an eastern woodland Indian (Kaskaskia of the Illinois Confederacy) named Ninchwi Nanaimata or Two Hawks.

I have had the honor of modeling for artists Andrew Knez Jr., John Buxton, Bryant White, Pamela Patrick White, Dave Hasler, and Steve White on multiple occasions. I highly recommend you check out their remarkable oil paintings. I have also had the honor of being filmed for two different documentaries. The most recent being for the upcoming documentary, Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West.

I am proud to say that I am an author of two books. One entitled Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley and the other, The Ferguson Rifle: Could Have Changed The American Revolution. Many of my writings that appear on this website have also been published in Muzzleloader Magazine, Journal of the Early Americas, and Muzzle Blasts.

If you attend any of the events that I have listed in my schedule, donít hesitate to track me down and say hello. I will gladly share my campfire with you anytime. Keep the powder dry and God Bless.

Tim's website is Warrior's Trail (

Contact Tim Jarvis at:
3401 N. Park Avenue
Herrin, IL 62948

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