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Ken Fritts
Mt. Gilead, NC

Ken Fritts was born on July 23, 1941 and grew up in Davidson County, North Carolina. He began making copies of North Carolina style longrifles in 1970 on a part-time basis and continues his work on a full-time hobby basis and is a self-taught artist. He has studied North Carolina makers for 30 years and has 20 years experience in restoration. He has studied flint and percussion period pieces.

Ken has taught classes on rifle making at Montgomery Community College. He has demonstrated the art to the public, youth groups and the North Carolina Turkey Federation. He has also demonstrated on a regular basis at the Bob Timberlake Art Gallery and Rowan County State Park. He has been featured in several newspaper articles, the Carolina Camera television show and the Art Folks local television show.

Ken focuses on building North Carolina style muzzleloading rifles from 1800 to 1850. His trademark is his signature in script on the barrel. Pieces of Ken's work include copies of the Volgers work at Old Salem, copies of Henry Ledford, Davidson County makers, Jamestown, North Carolina makers, Leheigh Rem. guns, the Hawken and North Carolina Buggy rifles.

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member.

Contact Ken Fritts at:
295 Myrtlewood Drive
Mt. Gilead, NC 27306
phone number: (910)439-5575

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