Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Jack L. Gee
Dimondale, MI

Jack is a builder of longrifles. His main focus is instructor of the Michigan Longriflesmith's Guild. In the summer of 1987 a group of men from the Lansing, MI area who were acquainted through their interest in shooting Kentucky rifles were asked by Jack Gee if they would like to form a group to learn how to build longrifles. A workshop was set up in the basement of Jack's house and the Michigan Longriflesmith's Guild was born. It is a non-profit entity that is a teaching school that desires to continue the traditions of building the American longrifle. Jack is deceased.

Contemporary Longrifle Association Member

Contact Jack L. Gee at:
4782 Bailey Rd
Dimondale, MI 48821
phone number: (517)646-0494

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