Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Daniel Casey
Beebe, AR

I am honored to have been granted the privilege to study under Mr. Hershel House, and am open to custom orders of any sort, from High Quality Rifles Damascus blades, backwoods belt axes, pipe hawks, to trivets. With ten years smithing experience and 6 years machining, I am more than comfortable with antique firearm restoration of any sort, and am very capable of making replacement springs for a wide assortment of locks, triggers, set triggers, patch box releases etc, Using all traditional tried and true methods. Also, I am available for Black smithing, Knife smithing, and Gun smithing demonstrations, and or private forging lessons etc. and am equipped with a portable shop for presentations. Please contact me for lessons scheduling or any other further information.

Contact Daniel Casey at:
632 Wagon Train Rd
Beebe, AR 72012
phone number: 501-858-9757

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