Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


James A. Gefroh
Fort Collins, CO

James Gefroh was born on May 29, 1946. He specializes in 17th and 18th Century arms woodcarving, wire inlay, period metal engraving and finishing, James has been doing work for others nationally, working part-time. He has embellished a number of rifles for Jack Garner of Tennessee Valley Manufacturing. Typically, he uses Tennessee Valley Manufacturing for stocking rifles in the white to his specifications. He works in the manner of all early American schools, preferring to adapt rather than copy patterns or styles. However, he will re-create an individual piece upon request. His trademark is his name scripted as J.Gefroh. He does not consider himself a gun builder, but rather an artisan in longrifle embellishment and finishing.

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member.

Contact James A. Gefroh at:
2954 Silverplume Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526
phone number: (970)377-9564

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