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glen mock
mercer, MO

Glen Mock Mercer, Missouri

I have always had a love for the past. I started shooting black powder guns in 1969. I spent countless days with rifle builder Ray Miller; he taught me horn building and scrimshaw. From there I moved into scrimshaw jewelry and mounting in gold and silver. I worked full time for several years selling my goods at Friendship Indiana and rendezvous.

I have lived in Mercer Missouri since 1978. We live mostly off the land growing our food and hunting for our meat. I raised and broke horses for many years, now we raise cattle, and run our guest ranch.

In 1989 we opened our log cabin for people to come experience the primitive life. Now we have six cabins with all the amenities, for people to come enjoy country life.

In 2010 I went to a knife seminar, which the House brothers and Cousin Willy put on. I have been enjoying building knives ever since, as a scrimshaw artist and silver smith working with my hands the art came easy for me. I forge all my knives out of 1095 and 1084 steel; they hold a good sharp edge. I guarantee all of my knives.

Contact glen mock at:
box 473
mercer, MO 64661
phone number: 660-3825862

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