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Ted Holland

Ted Holland, 1931-2006

Ted Holland was born in New York, New York, served his country as a young man, and eventually became an engineer. He and family spent some years at his vocation in Colorado, and then made their way to Utah, where Ted worked for Green River Rifle Works, stocking up their custom plains rifles and other products. This shop experience provided Ted with a good understanding of original rifles, and of modern tooling and finishes, as well as the hand work required.

When GRRW ended its run, Ted and several others moved to Idaho. A short time later he helped set up Oregon Trail Rifleworks, and the small staff continued stocking up fine Lemans, Hawkens, southern mountain rifles and the occasional Pennyslvania rifle or pistol. Their work was reviewed in Muzzleloader magazine, and advertised in various outlets. Attached photo shows Mr. Holland and son Bruce with a rack of rifles at a rendezvous in Colorado about twenty years ago.. A nice Leman or other plains rifle with a barrel stamped OTR on the left flat near the breech indicates their production.

OTR was later handed over to younger partners, and it also eventually ran its course. Ted continued with some gunstocking and engineering work, and enjoyed traveling the country in the family RV.

Ted Holland was a very knowledgeable student of original rifles, and of the business of casting correct mounts and stocking up replicas. He was always happy to share what he had learned, had a great sense of humor, and is missed by those who knew him.

submitted by CLA member Robert Lienemann

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