Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Derek Sweger
Loysville, PA

I am a great ,great ,great ,grandson of a gunbuilder in Perry co Pa. I am now making rifles of the same style he made between 1838-1892. Being a decendent of a longrifle builder I was always interested in not only the rifles but the history and craftsmenship that went into these rifles. The first rifle I made was given to my grandfather for christmass. As people saw that rifle they wanted to have me build them one and it hasnt stopped. I have been building rifles since 2003. Every rifle I ever made started with me cutting down the tree. I now have a sawmill for the maple trees I cut and my time is now split from building rifles and cutting lumber on my sawmill.

Contact Derek Sweger at:
80 Buckeye Trail
Loysville, PA 17047

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