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Mike Keller
Enumclaw, WA

Mike has been building muzzleloaders since he was 15 years old. He started with the basic kits available in the early 1980's and completed his first scratch built muzzleloader in 1990. Working as a part time builder he has enjoyed a back log list of customers since 1992.

Mike prides himself on authentic workmanship. He forges his own gun mounts in steel and cast his own brass and silver mounts. He has handmade a few locks as well. He stocks his guns from blanks he hand selects. He doesn't do fantasy guns, but correct copies of traditional firearms.

His focus is early and late Virginia rifles, Southern rifles and British smoothbore muskets. Beyond the scope of gun building he also forges out pipe tomahawks and knifes.

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member.

Contact Mike Keller at:
1439 Garfield Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022
phone number: (360)825-7866

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