Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


James J. Kruse
Fairbanks, AK

James Kruse grew up in West Bend, Wisconsin. He apprenticed to Ben Frame in 1986 and built only for himself and family over the next ten years. Currently, he is building on a part-time basis.

James' work consists of Pennsylvania longrifls and pistols, especially English styles and Northwestern trade guns. His trademark is flat signed JJ Kruse in script on the top barrel. Specific pieces of his work includes a cased English pistol in 2003, a Friendship Tree rifle for NMLRA Board Member, Keith Bayha in 2004 and a cherry-stocked Bonewitz rifle in 2005.

You may see more of James' work on his website at or go to his link on the CLA website under Resources.

Contact James J. Kruse at:
4740A Villanova Dr.
Fairbanks, AK 99709
phone number: (907)479-1290

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