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Mark Lee
Lakeville, MN

Mark is a dedicated gunmaker whose skills have continued to develop since ha made his first stock at the age of 14. Beginning with his apprenticeship under Ken LaCroix, followed by two years training with Don Allen, Mark has been a full-time professional in the gunmaking field since 1972.

Mark sees his craft as both trade and art. He is a perfectionist whose eye for style and proportion, command of hand files and patient attention to detail are a commitment clearly evident in the quality of his work, securing him a reputation for extraordinary craftmanship.

Because of the high demand for his distinctive rust blueing, the special blueing solution he has developed is now commercially available for use by fellow craftsmen and hobbyists.

Contact Mark Lee at:
9901 France Court
Lakeville, MN 55044
phone number: 952-461-9901

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