Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Daniel Red Bear Bosques
Ansonia, CT

I would like to extend my gratitude for your time and interest. Products crafted by me are made with care in the department of authenticity associated with the Great American Fur Trade of the 1700-1840 time period. I create goods that would have served our Frontiersmen and Native American brothers in both function and fashion. Whether in the colonial back-country, or the western frontier, I make a variety of hunting/possibles bags, clothing, accessories, and other related accoutrement for your persona. After selection of quality leather and supplies, in addition to design and preparation, many hours of work go into each finished product. You will find articles made of Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Bear, and other leathers derived from animals whose honor and memory live on through my creations. I am a leader for the Royaly Rangers, in which being a member for the F.C.F. I also hold the position of CT Field Rep. I find it important to be historically accurate, and for that reason my work has landed in museum galleries such as the IAIS, and has been featured in several articles.

Contact Daniel Red Bear Bosques at:
99 Jewett St
Ansonia, CT 06401
phone number: 203-510-6848

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