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Harry McCarty
Blaine, TN

Harry McCarty started making knives in 1977. Currently, he is a full-time cutler. He makes his knives from primarily 01, 1084 & 1080 high carbon steels. Occasionally, he uses file steel or other sources of high carbon steel. He crafts his handles from bone, antler, ivory, ebony, rosewood and other hardwoods. Most of the knives he makes are 17th, 18th, and 19th Century reproductions and interpretations including Scottish patterns, longhunter type knives, English and American bowies, hunting swords and folders. He also does all of his own sheath work. More information about Harry McCarty can be found on his website

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member

Contact Harry McCarty at:
1479 Indian Ridge
Blaine, TN 37709
phone number: 865-933-9250

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