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Rodney T. Shields
Cheney, WA

Rodney was introduced to muzzleloading by Al Robinson, a retired shop teacher living near Moorehead City, NC, and it was Al who introduced Rodney to reproducing muzzleloading guns as he allowed Rodney to assist him in building Rodney's first custom rifle. Rodney only made the guns as a hobby for his own use, but, once they were made there was always someone wanting to buy them. He sold them and got the parts and kits to build another with the money he received. This continued until he finally decided to go full-time in 1997. He now owns and operates Fox Bluff Rifle Works. His primary orientation is to produce solidly built, plainly appointed, working man's class rifles and smoothbores at a price that is acceptable to someone just getting started in the sport.

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member.

Contact Rodney T. Shields at:
16402 S. Sherman Road
Cheney, WA 99004

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