Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Mel Hankla
Jamestown, KY

Mel Hankla, born in 1956, grew up in Jamestown, Kentucky. Mel began building longrifles in 1982 under the direction of Dr. Terry Leeper at Western Kentucky University. He continues to build on a part-time basis. Mel's trademark is his initials, M and H within a circle and M. Hankla in script on top of the barrell or block letter engraving on the lock plate.

A historian by trade, Mel Hankla has been active in "Living History" of the frontier era since the early 80's. Coinciding with this interest, in 1984 he received a National Endowment of the Arts - Folk Arts Apprenticeship grant to work with Hershel House. This experience left him with a strong personal commitment to "pass on" what he learned from House.

Contact Mel Hankla at:
P.O. Box 156
Jamestown, KY 42629
phone number: 270-566-3370

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