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Marvin Kemper
Wadesville, IN

Marvin Kemper is a second generation custom gunmaker, carrying on the tradition started by his father, Cornell Kemper, in the early 1950s. Marvin's rifles are built from the blank to each customer's specifications. His typical rifle is of the Golden Age style with flintlock ignition. Most rifles include relief carving, engraving and a touch of aging. As a member of the CLA and KRA, Marvin spends considerable time studying the nuances of finely built original rifles. Always striving to improve both the aesthetic and functional beauty of his rifles, Marvin takes great pride in providing each customer with an heirloom piece that will be enjoyed for generations to come. WEBSITE:

Contact Marvin Kemper at:
8996 Winery Road
Wadesville, IN 47638
phone number: (812) 985-9325

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