Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Shawn Webster
Cedar City, UT

Shawn Webster started learning quill work back in 1979. In 1980 he formed a business called SW Quillwork. Shawn was primarly doing "Plains" styled work at that time. In 1985 Shawn met artist H. David Wright while on a horse back ride into the AMM national rendezvous held in Wyoming. Wright quickly sent Shawn all of his extensive photograph collection of eastern Great Lakes and woodland Indian quill work. At that time Shawn began his journey as an eastern quill work artist. Shawn now uses nothing but natural dyes for his quill colors, a process that took him 17 yrs to learn. Shawn say's he is still trying to prefect his knowlegde of 18th century dyes. . Shawn trys to tan most of his brain tanned leather himself and walnut dyes these hides as well. Shawn is also a skilled gun builder and credits Steve Lodding with the help in that area. You may contact him at anytime for custom orders.

Contact Shawn Webster at:
426 E. Nichols Cyn Rd
Apt 1304
Cedar City, UT 84721
phone number: 435-592-5090

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