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I am a father of four great kids, and have been married to the same beautiful woman since 1982, and I ALWAYS put them first. That is what a husband and father does. I also have a full time job that more times than not turns into more than 40 hours a week on a very short notice. I consider myself very blessed with having such a wonderful bunch of kids, a beautiful wife and a great job. We love to fish, and shoot and although I havent been able to for sometime ( due to work ) I enjoy hunting. I have been very blessed with a God given talent, and that is making and scratching powder horns, and thi is a wonderful hobby that I truly enjoy, but when it comes to being a father, a husband, and an employee, my hobby will always be last. My first priority is my family. Thus the reason I do not take custom orders, I never know when I may have a chance to finish it. I also let the horn speak to my heart, it tells me what time period it wants to come from, how it wants to be carved, and what kind of scratchin it wants to cover its body. It is not uncommon for me to have 8 to ten horns laying around in different stages waiting for them to "speak to me" this is just the way I am. I have a job where I have a boss, and I have a family that I put first, so tha way I figure it when it comes to building horns, this is me time and the way I relax and when i relax the ideas seem to blossom. When it becomes a job, thats when I quit because I already have one of those. My scrimshaw is accurate for the period and I am self taught, I have read and studied the art, and I also make my own tools. My art work is "true scratchin". The way I do mine sets it apart from others that use a blade, eventhough the use of a blade is also accurate, the look fo scratching gives it a much bolder look and stands out much more. There is no power or electric tools envolved in my pieces and everything that is incorperated in my pieces are all hand madfe by myself, from the iron staples and nails to the carved spout plugs. My horns are of the highest quality and each and every one is made with craftsmenship and quality in mind. My horns are made not only to stand up to the rigors of use in the field but to also be admired for the art that it is. My horns no doubt will find its place among your prized pieces wether it be hanging along side that prized flinter or setting on a desk or shelf in your office or den. I have been building and scratching horns for 25 years and have sold pieces thru MOUNTAINSTATE MUZZLELOADING, TRACK OF THE WOLF and CONTEMPORARY LONGRIFLE ASSOCIATION. i am a juried artist at the TAMARACK her in West Virginia, and have also sold and had displays at PRICKETTS FORT. You may also follow me on Facebook where I always post first to show previews of an upcoming piece that will be listed on the CONTEMPORARY LONGRIFLE ASSOC. web sight. On face book you can find me at MIKE HAWKINS, MAKER OF FINE POWDER HORNS.. Thanks so much for your interest...

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phone number: 304-365-2754

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