Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Richard Newman
Lakewood, CA

Richard grew up in Gardena, California. He began building longrifles in 1989. He studied engraving under John Barraclaough and learned carving from Jim Chambers but is mostly a self-taught builder. He sold his first rifle on consignment at "The Flintlock" in Stanton, California, reinvested the proceeds in more parts, built another rifle, and so on... Richard builds part time but plans to build rifles full time when he retires from his own lighting wholesale company, Monterey Lighting.

Richard has built several rifles for the California based "Morgans Rifle Coy" reenactment group and he is sometimes known to have provided engraving services for HM 23rd Royal Welsh Fuziliers. He has been featured in the "Black Powder Times" in an article by Mike Nesbitt. Richard goes by the moniker "Fine Firelocks" but this will soon change to "Fine Firelocks and Fiddles" as his talent also includes building violins.

Contact Richard Newman at:
5737 Coke Ave.
Lakewood, CA 90712
phone number: 714-562-9350 M-F 8-5

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