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Brad Emig
Hellam, PA

Brad Emig is a self taught custom rifle maker who lives and plies his gunmaking trade in the one of the seats of traditional American riflemaking, York County, Pennsylvania. It has always been my desire to offer high quality, historically correct, authentic products for a fair and reasonable cost to my customers. In a continuing effort to accomplish that goal I have developed a wide variety of options to choose from when considering a hand crafted rifle. This variety allows you to custom blend features on your gun to achieve the most authenticity available in whatever price range you might be in. We offer re-boring, reaming and rifling of muzzleloading barrels using traditional 18th century tools and techniques. These are just a few of the many gunsmithing services that we offer that makes our shop one of the most unique in the country. Also complete gunsmithing and repair services for both antique and contemporary muzzleloading guns. Muzzles Coned, Frizzens hardened, springs made, and all manner of repair work done neatly and on reasonable terms.

Each order is considered an individual work of art. Before actual construction begins, your gun will be thoroughly researched and documented for historical correctness. Once construction begins, you may be assured that great attention is paid to each and every detail.

For those customers requiring the absolute finest in authenticity; I offer completely hand made guns. These unique pieces feature skelp-welded, hand-forged, wrought iron barrels, hand forged locks, and all mountings are made by hand in the shop. Every bolt, screw, etc. is hand made. This what traditional gunsmithing is about.

Contact Brad Emig at:
50 W. Beaver St.
Hellam, PA 17406
phone number: (717) 757-5841

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