Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


David Green
Chatsworth, GA

David is a North Georgia born artisian and resides in Chatsworth, Georgia which is nestled in the foothills of the Southern Appalachians. Located not far from the Foxfire Museum he has always had a deep rooted appreciation of Appalachian culture. He grew up hunting and fishing in the local area and acquired a love of the outdoors at an early age. David has spent twelve years employed with the Georgia State Park system and is currrently working as a Sheriff's deputy in the local area. Self taught in leathercraft with the aid of quality instructional books and videos and good ole trial and error experiences. David will only use hides that have been harvested by himself or other family members and uses the bark tanning method to preserve the hides. This approach not only gives him personal satisfaction in the finished piece but also allows him to be creative in the pouch making process. His desire is not to recreate an original hunting pouch but rather to blend traditional construction techniques with original ideas. As with the originals, for David the design of the original pouches always express the individual character and creativeness of the person who made it. "We just have to look to see it". From the pouches made by the city harness makers to the mountain dwellers, they all have a certain "charm" to them. With the encouragement of family members and friends, David has decided to offer an occasional hunting pouch to the public for purchase in hopes that it will fall into the hands of someone who has as much appreciation of our country's heritage as he does. Pouches that are personal and charming.

Contact David Green at:
706 Wildwood Drive
Chatsworth, GA 30705
phone number: 706-483-2458

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