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Todd Bitler
Grove City, OH

As a child, I have fond memories of biking to the nearest woods and creek to emerge myself in nature's bounty and roll-play the life of an Eastern Woodland's Indian. I'd handmake bows, arrows and spears, paint them and adorn them with my father's collection of duck feathers. I'd run the banks of the stream searching for my next meal, which of course never really happened.

What started as a childhood facination has grown into a passion as an adult. I find myself continually researching the culture to accurately reproduce weaponry and other accoutrements of the Eastern Woodland Indians including tomahawks, war clubs and powder horns to name a few. My love of this culture has led me into re-enacting as a Shawnee Warrior where my years of research has afforded me the opportunity to handmake all of my own accoutrements as well as clothing to accurately portray and promote this culture to modern generations.

Through my passion and inspiration, my goal and aspiration is to create an art piece that is more than an ordinary reproduction. My work tells a story - what had it seen in it's life? What battles and historical events had it been apart of? How had it shaped the history of the young nation?

Hopefully, these pieces will speak to you.


Todd Bitler

Contact Todd Bitler at:
6333 Ewen Cir
Grove City, OH 43123
phone number: 614 305 3773

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