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Mark Preston
Estero, FL

Rendezvous speaks to me. There is something about slipping into old familiar buckskins, feeling mother earth beneath your moccasins, sleeping under canvas, and the smell of wood smoke and blackpowder that calls to my soul. I have found that most people in the living history community pick up an art or craft and over time, some become quite good at it. For me, that creative outlet became hornwork and scrimshaw.

Hello, my name is Mark Preston. I was inspired to begin making powderhorns after I saw some incredible work done by a master horner at my first rendezvous. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet and watch some true masters at the craft and to learn at their elbows everything that I know. I am indebted to these men and I strive to produce works that honor them. My work reflects the relentless pursuit of excellence.

I create one of a kind, contemporary engraved powderhorns that honor tradition yet acknowledge our times. Always striving for perfection in the execution of the architecture as well as the art, it is my goal to produce for the reenactor of exceptional taste or the discriminating collector, an heirloom quality piece that will serve the client now and evoke their memory generations from now.

The effort is a seamless blending of traditional architecture with highly detailed engraving rarely seen in great great great great granddad

Contact Mark Preston at:
20941 Lazy D Farm Rd.
Estero, FL 33928
phone number: 239 209 0976

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