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Marshall Scheetz
Williamsburg, VA

Jamestown Cooperage, LLC is a leading purveyor of high-quality reproduction cooperage. We make and sell most types of cooperage and use traditional methods and tools to create each unique piece. Our wooden containers are all water-tight, made this way by the tight fit of the staves and the skill of the cooper, not by swelling, tar, wax, or other sealing agents.

The technology of coopering has existed for over 3,000 years. Casks were once used to transport precious cargo such as wine, beer, whale oil, tobacco, sugar, coffee beans, tar, and other commodities. While the cask was the king of shipping containers, the humble wooden bucket and tub were found in every domestic setting throughout history.

Marshall Scheetz has been coopering since 2002 and has completed a six-year apprenticeship under a traditionally-trained master cooper. Scheetz practices tight, dry, and white coopering and creates accurate reproductions of period cooperage including hogsheads, barrels, firkins, butter churns, tubs, piggins, and other coopered containers. Scheetz is also an historian and has researched and documented known coopers from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as the culture surrounding the economy and life of the cooper’s trade. Scheetz has collaborated with researchers, archaeologists, curators, and tradesmen to further their understanding about the art and science of coopering and coopered containers throughout the years.


Contact Marshall Scheetz at:
Williamsburg, VA
phone number: 757-784-2490

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