Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


corey boise
Nashville, TN

I specialize in reproducing hand carved ball headed war clubs, this is my mission statement:

"After researching many museum pieces I have found that the originals had a lot of wear and tear which gave them “one of a kind” distinct characteristics, because of this I try to recreate pieces that represent the originals I have researched. These clubs are beautifully hand made to appear vintage and used, they have minimal stress cracks (mainly on the ball…if any) and have been stained and decorated to have an original appearance. My goal is to create affordable one of a kind ball headed war clubs to resemble the beautiful craftsmanship of pieces collected throughout time around the U.S. and Canada".

sincerely Corey Boise

Contact corey boise at:
2845 Teakwood Dr
Nashville, TN 37214
phone number: 615-347-9240

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