Contemporary Longrifle Foundation


Jim Wright
Bowling Green, KY

Jim Wright is the President of the CLA through 2010. He is best known as the founder of American Pioneer Video. Having built Kentucky Rifles since 1972, Jim wanted to fill a real educational void for the fraternity of gun builders. He and his wife Karen started the Preservation of the American Pioneer Crafts Series in 1986. To date over 29 projects have been produced in the DVD format, with 10% of the sales going to support the various featured artisans to include Wallace Gusler, Hershel and Frank House, Mike Miller, Mark Silver and the Ron Ehlert estate. Published author and the premier living historian Mark A. Baker was featured in a four part project for re-enactors title The Long Hunter Series. A fifth volume with Mark is currently in production.

As a gun builder, Jim prefers the Colonial era rifles associated with the Kentucky Long Hunters. He predominately uses hand tools, and works with traditional materials as much as practical, such as using wrought iron to fabricate small parts, or casting his own brass gun mounts. He intends to hand rifle most of the barrels in future projects, as well as produce complete sets to include the rifle with a bullet mould and worm, a shooting bag with patch knife and powder horn.

Jim no longer solicits orders.

Contact Jim Wright at:
2911 Carriage Hill Dr
Bowling Green, KY 42104
phone number: 270-782-7506

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