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Scrimshawed Day Horn (Original)

This is an original day horn. With nice scrimshaw all over it. Engraved initials AR, with fish in top of oval, etched apple and three plant designs on it may be tobacco plants, 3 small worm holes can easily be filled if want to use again, one small crack where tip is. Great for display, use or collection. This is a neat story teller. More pics upon request. 6.5" outside curve.

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Period Re-stock Halfstock

42 1/2" rifled barrel, script initials on top barrel flat could be "P * W" or similar. Nicely engraved patchbox and toe plate, flint lockplate. Damaged buttplate, sanded or filed trigger guard.

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Original 17th Century Bavarian Axe Head with Maker Marks

This is an original museum quality piece. Maker marks: 3 stars on the blade, 1 in form of a shield and inside 2 tools are crossed. Circa 1600-1700 country of creation Germany/Bavarian. 290 grams length 150 mm width 140 mm, blade is 7mm - 2mm width. A must in your collection.

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Southwest Virginia or Central Kentucky ca 1825

This is an unrestored, attic condition rifle from Southwestern Virginia or central Kentucky. The patchbox is neatly designed with 5 piercings and nicely engraved as is the 8 point silver star on the cheek piece. Engraved silver escutcheons on the forestock are for decoration only; one missing. Original to the rifle, the lock was converted to percussion and the barrel cut from the breech. Three in-period gunsmith repairs were accomplished to keep the rifle in working order. First the barrel tang was elongated to sturdy the wrist area, then the trigger guard was replaced, and finally a decorative plate was added to the fore arm as a result of saddle wear. Barrel length is 37.5 inches and a .45 cal bore. PLEASE VISIT FOR MORE ANTIQUE KENTUCKY RIFLES, ACCOUTREMENTS, FURNITURE, AND DECORATIVE ARTS.

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Kentucky Pistol

Nice Kentucky pistol in percussion with curly maple fullstock. Lock marked "Partridge," but otherwise unsigned. Older repaired cracks through sideplate, area of forestock, and especially wrist (two dowels show from the top of the wrist). Engraved sideplate and buttcap and three silver inlays. Unusually small trigger guard. Cheap and I'll pay for shipping! 8 1/2" rifled barrel is octagon to round and looks to be about .44 caliber.

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Antique Horn with Joe Mills Strap

Large left hand carry horn with an aged strap by Joe Mills. The horn measures 15.75 inches on the curve. The one area of bug damage has a period repair. Quite a nice old horn. $125. shipped

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English Brass Barreld Flintlock Bluderbuss ca 1810

Here is a beautiful brass barreled blunderbuss signed W Jones both on the flintlock and the barrel. It has a spring loaded bayonet. The checkered grip walnut stock probably has been refinished. Superb condition. Here is a similar one on the net PRICE REDUCED 10-6-15

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Antique Williamsburg style oil lantern

This is an original oil lantern , sometimes called a barn lantern. It is metal construction with a door and old glass windows. It houses a working oil lamp which will stay lit in windy conditions. The frame measures: 18" to the top of the bail and is 6 & 1/2" wide. The font is made from galvanized tin with a # 2 Queen Ann burner. It is in excellent antique without having been restored. the price includes shipping to cont. USA. Many more photos upon request.

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Original Antique Lancaster Screw-tip Powder Horn

This is an original later Lancaster, PA style powder horn (circa 1840 to 1850), with a nice pressed rope low-domed butt and its original screw tip. The horn body is "greenish" colored and has nice smooth carry wear patina on the inside curve. There is a stabilized crack in the horn body. All else is in good original condition. The horn has nice twist and curve to its shape. Overall measurement across is 13" with a 2-3/4" diameter butt. Additional photos on request. Price = $325.00, plus postage

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Circa: 1850

High End percussion rifle made by J.P.Moore of New York. This rifle has a flint patchbox and is profusely engraved. it is stocked in European walnut and is .45 cal. It has a single set trigger and low hunting sights. It remains in excellent antique condition. Many more photos on demand for those who are genuinely interested to purchase. More info about the rifle can be found in the library on the ARL site. The price includes shipping to cont. USA. E-mail:

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