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Signed J T James Teaff Steubenville, OH ca 1840

Here is an outstanding rifle by a well know Ohio gunsmith James Teaff Sr. With an extraordinarily pierced and engraved patchbox, typical set triggers, lock bolt plate, and ivory front sight; it has an untouched finish with no restoration. A wonderful rifle in excellent condition with no apologies. 39 inch barrel. Email me for more pictures. See other antique Kentucky rifles at www.

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Target Rifle by Wm. Wingert-Detroit, MI.

I found out that Wm. Wingert, was a gunsmith in Detroit, Michigan from 1837 - 1867. He built percussion rifles and pistols with his brother John A. Wingert and eventually sold out to Fisher and Long in 1867. The shop was at 10 Congress St. Detroit Michigan. William Wingert lived at 109 Woodbridge St. Detroit, MI. Wingert was contracted by the U.S. Government in August 1861 to deliver up to 1,000 target rifles for use by sharpshooters. I don't believe this was one of those for the contract but was built about the same time period or slightly earlier. For more detailed description and more pictures of this gun, go to

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Queen Ann Bottle

This is a nice example of early horn work. The cap Is original to the bottle, incise lines are turned in the cap and on the bottle itself. They are worn and hard to see but match. The lip on the bottle has a small chip broken out and has a small old glue repair. The cap threads on nice and good fit. There is some damage at the base by one of the iron pins where some horn is chipped away. Some shrinkage around base. Butt is pine and slightly curved. Price includes shipping in USA Nice piece for your collection.

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Dauphin County Flintlock Signed "Shell"

This is an attractive Dauphin County long gun with a fancy patchbox design similar to Peter Berry's well-known box. I believe this rifle was built by Martin Shell, but it could have been one the younger Shells early in his career. It is beautifully signed in script, but the first initial or name is gone. It was re-converted using a Chambers lock, the sideplate is replaced, the ramrod is replaced, and there's a small repair at the toe (wood and brass). The most interesting thing about this gun is that the forestock broke in front of the rear ramrod thimble and it was kept in use after adding two forward ramrod thimbles to the barrel. The rear ramrod thimble may have had a period repair and the upper barrel channel has some missing wood. Sights are missing, but dovetails are in good shape (including an extra one at the rear position!). Big, rifled bore and the barrel is 40" long. A couple of silver inlays, some incise carving at the wrist, buttstock and forestock mouldings. Lowered price 6-28-14.

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Kentucky Pistol

Here's a very nice example of a Kentucky pistol. Unsigned, always percussion, beautiful curly maple. Add a few bucks for shipping and insurance (send me your zip for a quote).

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Percussion Longrifle, Heavily Inlaid and Engraved, Western PA

This rifle is likely western PA with a beautiful curly maple fullstock, 38" barrel, .38 caliber rifled. 20 engraved German silver inlays, including wearplate and thumbpiece. Brass furniture and engraved capbox. Comb piece and nicely engraved toe plate. Two small pieces of wood replaced on right side of forestock, couple other small cracks on forestock, large old break with old-time repair through the buttstock. Could be (West) Virginia or Ohio, too. Lock is marked "Duff and Co., Pittsburgh." Lowered price 5/10/14.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Black Peacock Faceted Bugels

AKA The Mourning Bead. Circa 1800. 1 Pound hank.

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Authentic Trade Beads - White Chalk, AKA Crackle

This is one of 10 strands available. These are Dutch trade beads, circa 1600-1800. Strand is 26" long.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Small Mowhawk Red Green Hearts

One of four strands available. Authentic, rare Venetian made trade beads, circa 1600-1800. This strand is 25" long.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Cranberry Red Venetian Tube

This is one of only four strands available. These are authentic trade beads circa 1600-1800. Photo does not do justice to how these look in sunlight!

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