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Southeastern inspired pouch and horn set

The set features the work of three artisans. The horn was made by Cory Joe Stewart of Lowgap, NC. It is right side carry 13 inches long. The base plug is hand carved and painted with the blue paint seen on early southern trade guns. The engraving on the horn features multiple animal images seen on original horns, including a unicorn and a crowned lion. The pouch was made by Joe Candillo. It is 9 inches by 9 inches made from brain tan buckskin and line with red wool. The edges of the pouch are adorned with white glass beads. All hand stitched. The finger woven strap was made by Antonia Santiago and is 47 inches. Woven into the strap are two rows of white glass beads. Both the pouch and the strap come with Certificates of Authenticity that show they are within accordance of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act as Authentic Native American Art. The horn is attached to the strap with handmade hemp cordage. There is also a cane measurer that measures 45 grains and a vent pick, attached to the set with the same cordage. This is a unique collaboration and would go great with a southeastern native interpretation or a European who has interacted with the indigenous peoples. $375.00 price includes shipping. Paypal is an option.

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Peter Neihart/Lehigh Valley Rifle

This longrifle is built in the style of Peter Neihart who worked in the area now known as the Lehigh Valley. The 44' octagonal to round, .54 cal. barrel is made by Colerain. The lock is by L. Zorne's Gun Shop. The curley maple stock is incised carved behind and in front of the cheek as well as behind the rear ramrad pipe. The area around the barrel tang has raised carving as did Neiharts pieces. The barrel, lock, and etc. are browned. And the brass is darkened for an aged look. For more photos or information call; (513) 899-2896 or email:

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Musket Fob

Capped Turkey beard fob(trophy beard measures 10")brass brooch by Dave Dittmer,and cap work by Jim Hedges.With two original antique Chevron trade beads.Great addition to one's accoutrements. PayPal accepted.Thank you. Includes postage.

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Ball Club

Ball Club, Hand carved curly maple. 16.5 inch long. The design of this club is perfect for sash carry as it will not fall out when running. Email me for more pictures. Will trade for quill work.

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Tac Belt / Trade Knife

Leather tac belt, 39" and French trade knife w/sheath.

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Elk Leather Shooting Bag

Beautifully hand crafted shooting bag, one of a kind. This bag has 2 compartments with 4 pockets to accommodate your shooting tools, fully lined. Hand woven hemp strap, designed with a brassed capped turkey beard drop 2 antique millefiori trade beads sets it apart. Bag measures 8" x 8" Signed piece Pay Pal accepted Thank You

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Primitive Horn 2

14 1/2" left hand side lay. 4 1/2" paneled tip. Pine butt & stopper. Iron staple. Includes shipping in the USA

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Trade Wool Possibles Bag

Beautiful Blue Trade wool possibles bag, fully lined/ Decorated with brass washer brooches, edged beaded Custom woven strap and brass thimble drops with otter fur. The bag measures 7" x 8" Pay Pal gladly accepted Thank you for your interest.

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Primitive Horn 1

Nice primitive 14" horn. Right side lay. Maple butt with iron staple. 4" paneled tip with pine stopper. Includes shipping in the USA Sold pending funds

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Bark Tanned Whitetail Hide

Dunrustic red oak and walnut tanned deer hide measures 33" x 37" plus. Soft, scratches, patches of hair still on, dark spots, looks old. More pics upon request. Price includes S&H&ins in USA. Paypal or MO. Thank you.

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