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~THANK YOU~ Glen&Connie Mock~

We want to thank everyone for their generous help and prayers with our fund.It is hard to express in words our feeling to the people who stepped up to help us.A special thank you to Frank, Lolly and Hershel House for their wonderful gifts for the drawing, and for all the work that David Wright , Jason Gatliff and all the others that made this possible.This is truly a great organization we have, but instead of an organization I believe a family.God bless you all and Thank you so much.Your Friends Glen and Connie Mock

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.8/29/2015

Looking for an Original forged pipe tomahawk head or a nice brass one. Must be old and 19th C. Thank you

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Tobacco Pouches, Poke Sacks

Hand sewn draw string pouches. Wooden block printed antique woven cotton fabric. European folk art patterns. Natural ink and dyes used on all materials. Sewn using waxed Irish linen. Hand twisted waxed hemp drawstring. Each lined with linen. Solid brown linen bag is lined with printed design. Free shipping to lower 48. More photos:

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Blacksmith Forged Cross Necklace with Black Adjustable Cord

You are looking at a Blacksmith Hand Forged Steel Cross with Adjustable Black Cord. The cross is approximately 1 3/4" long with a black painted finish. The cord is adjustable for proper fit. I made a bunch of these crosses for friends and neighbors and have more than one. Price includes shipping. Thanks for Looking!!!

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Black Walnut Stain 1/2 pint

This Ink/Stain is made from black walnut hulls harvested in fall of 2015. The Ink is traditionally made with cloves and a splash of 100 proof alcohol for preservation, of which will not alter the color. It is water based and traditionally used for calligraphy, brushing over leather to darken, Soaking textiles/fabrics, brushing over wood as a wood stain, and other related tinting and darkening of natural resources. --- Will be in full supply year after year. Typically sold by 1/2 pint glass jars but I can sell in larger quantities if necessary. Shipping is included in price.

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[GRRW Collector Association] Hats available for the Holidays

[GRRW] "Green River Rifle Works - Collectors Association" hats, shirts and jackets are now available for you Christmas list. - [GRRW] hats are available after 30 years. We received a sample hat - it's as good or better quality than hats offered by other firms. I ordered (2) hats for myself and am thinking about a sports jacket with the [GRRW] logo for my personal use. ​The supplier will do single orders, small orders or what ever is needed. They handle everything, from taking the order, handling the payment, to shipping to you the customer. The total cost for the hat either sized to what you the customer wears or the standard 'one-size-fits-all' is $15.50 plus postage. Most good quality hats from other sporting goods firms run from $16.99 - $19.99 plus shipping. Here's the place to order your GRRW wares. - "THE TREADED DRAGON" - PARKER, COLORADO - (303) 840-9354, tell Barbara you saw the GRRW ad for hats on the Internet. - - - - Come visit us at: - ** Again your total cost for the hat either sized to what you the customer wears or the standard 'one-size-fits-all' is $15.50 plus postage. **

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Hand forged Items

Here is many different hand forged items. C striker, oval striker and Colonial Spanish striker. $15 shipped comes with piece of flint. Coffin striker $18 shipped comes with piece of flint. Beaver hooping needles $18 shipped. 1 inch buckles $12 shipped. Pliers these are perfect for sewing leather $18 shipped. More pics upon request.

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Antler Powder Measure with pour spout

Handcrafted Antler fixed black powder measure. These have a pour spout extended from the measure to make it easy to pour the powder, It is all one piece. Size range from 25gr to 90gr, 5gr increments. each is engraved with the number of gr. All are handmade and measured twice + or - 5gr. The price is for ONE POWDER MEASURE. Some of these are made with the base of the antler and some are made with the tips, if you have a preference let me know. e-mail me and let me know the size you need.. price is 20.00+ shipping Thank you.

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This pair of wool lined elk skin Woodland type center seam moccasins was made for my daughter a number of years ago and never worn, as she outgrew them before I finished them. They were made from a Smoke & Fire Co. kit and have inner soles. I will send along the instructions for final fitting and they should be worn a bit first. All the work is done, including a few extras like the beading and cones on the flaps. They would look dandy on your little one. They are about a child's size 11-13.

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Owl Borach

Brass Owl Borach, hand cut, measures 1 inch x 1.5 inch. Will ship within 3 business days of purchase. Payment by credit card though direct invoicing. Price is $25.00 with Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. This broach is made by Indian Arts & Crafts Association Artist, Glenn Miller. You can see his other works at or on facebook (The Little Owl Gallery).

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