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Hello Looking to purchase an Authentic style Horsehair tomahawk drop with hand rolled cones, And trade beads. Thank you

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.12/3/2014
Bucks County smooth rifle by Eric Kettenburg - SOLD, THANKS CLA !

Bucks County smooth rifle (1760's-70's) - 14 ga octagon to round barrel cleaned-up to reflect secondary usage, with sights, tang bolt threaded into simple nut, Chambers early Ketland lock casehardened with single lock nail, no buttplate, brass guard shows file marks, one ramrod pipe, scraped finish in bold curly maple shows tool marks and prominent rippling, nitrate of iron with raw linseed oil and beeswax finish, boned - stocked entirely by hand in a traditional shop. SOLD, THANKS AGAIN CLA !

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.

Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley

Bill Jones is searching for a hardback edition of Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley. The hardback edition is sold out and he is looking for someone who may be willing to part ways with their copy. If you have a copy you are willing to part with, you can email me at or Bill directly at

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.Under maintenance10/21/2014

I am looking to purchase a House made Tomahawk. Please let me know along with pictures and price in first email. Thank you.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.11/19/2014
Gary Corum Mississippi Knife on CLF Auction

Gary Corum has donated a late 18th to early 19th century knife in the lower Mississippi River Valley style to the 2015 CLF Fundraising Auction. The knife is 12 inches overall with a 7 inch blade. The blade is hand forged high carbon steel, expertly done by Gary. This offering includes a hand sewn black dyed sheath with an interesting hanger fabricated from a bent over spoon. This is a very neat touch that makes for a very stylish rig. The price is just a place holder, it is an auction. For more info and pictures visit the auction Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fundraising Auction Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fund Raising Auction

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$1.00Under maintenance5/25/2015
Paul Bigham Maple Handled Belt Knife on CLF Auction

Paul Bigham and Steve Helfrich have a great knife for the 2015 CLF Auction.. The dark finished With a hand forged blade and furniture by Paul and a dark sheath made by Steve this is a another great auction donation by our generous CLA artists. Please check it out along with the other donations that we are adding on the auction site. The price stated is just a placeholder Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fund Raising Auction

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$1.00Under maintenance5/25/2015
Bill Pritchard CLF Auction Rifle

The auction rifle Bill Pritchard created combines characteristics of two closely related longrifles featured in Bill Ivey’s book, Schools of North Carolina Longrifles, number 44 and rifle number 32. Both rifles are from the Deep River School and associated with Alexander Frazier the earlier. With the 42 inch swamped Rice barrel in 45 caliber, and 13 1/2 inch length of pull, this is a fine handling, beautiful contemporary rifle with early Randolph County, North Carolina architecture. As always, the price is just a placeholder For more details please visit the CLF Fundraising Auction page Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fund Raising Auction

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$1.00Under maintenance4/17/2015
Bill Smith Hunting Bag in CLF Auction

Bill Smith has donated a double bag of finely tanned deer skin with double internal compartments. This chocolate brown leather bag exhibits very fine workmanship. Bill Smith bags are a true standard in on the range and in the field. Bill is a repeat CLF auction donor and his CLF bags always have a few extra touched. Take a look at the full photo spread on the CLF Auction site The price here is just a placeholder Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fund Raising Auction

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Sheep Hide Shoe Inserts

100% Sheep Hide Wool Inserts: These are cut from short plush Sheep hides. They are perfect to put into your winter shoes or boots to keep your feet warmer. The extra leather and wool really helps keep the cold from coming up through the soles of your foot-wear. Also works very well inside of Moccasins to give them a little more cushion. I cut them into several sizes. Men: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14. Women: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. Prices range from $9 to $11. Color varies according to the hide they are cut from. Call for ordering size. 765-210-4080 Check out Website for more.

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$10.00Under maintenance11/25/2014
Lehigh Liberty Lady Pin

Mystery has long shrouded the carved and inlayed figures found on arms built in the Lehigh Valley region and occasionally eastern Berks county. Is it a woman with a hat? A Native American figure? Chief Tamany? The "Liberty Lady" was often found carved into the stock just ahead of the triggerguard. It was also occasionally engraved on patchboxes or found as a silver or brass inlay in place of carving. This design was modeled referencing two different inlays on original Lehigh Valley rifles by Herman Rupp. This pin is produced in pewter, with a tumbled finish, made 100% in the USA by a small environmentally responsible company. Each pin is individually packaged and displayed on an attractive figured maple background. Dimensions are 1 1/4" x 5/8". Introductory price per pin is $10 plus $4 shipping in a padded envelope. Pins can also be purchased in person at shows and demonstrations. See my schedule of events on the Contact page. Please email me to place an order. Thank you!

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$10.00Under maintenance2/20/2015
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