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Hello Looking to purchase an Authentic style Horsehair tomahawk drop with hand rolled cones, And trade beads. Thank you

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.12/3/2014
Ken Gahagan Fowler

Bench copy of a Revolutionary War period New England Musket/Fowler. Has a .70 cal. smoothbore barrel that is a copy of the origianl made by John Getz. The gun is 67" overall in length. Full cherry wood stock as per the original. Brass facated trigger guard was cast from the original and has an early acorn finial. Brass ramrod ferrils, buttplate and sideplate washers were fabricated from sheet. Original had a slightly modified early model Brown Bess lock which is what is used in this copy as well (The Rifle Shoppe). This musket is a typical example of a Rev War period musket made of European parts and restocked in cherry wood for the American patriots use in fighting the British. Provenance states the original musket was used in the Battle of Saratoga by a member of the Seldon family of Greenfield, Mass. The fowler is for sale or trade contact for details.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.1/6/2015
Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley

Bill Jones is searching for a hardback edition of Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley. The hardback edition is sold out and he is looking for someone who may be willing to part ways with their copy. If you have a copy you are willing to part with, you can email me at or Bill directly at

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.10/21/2014

I am looking to purchase a House made Tomahawk. Please let me know along with pictures and price in first email. Thank you.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.11/19/2014
CLA 2015 Auction

The 2015 Contemporary Longrifle Foundation Fund Raising Auction is well on its way to becoming another blockbuster offering of members’ exceptional art. For the last several years our auctions have featured War of 1812 themes but with the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 being completed, this year we are taking a break from a theme and are offering a wide selection of the art of CLA members. Any work by a CLA member relating to the art of the Longrifle Culture is welcome. So far, we already have over 15 artists contributing to this year’s auction, with a great collection of two longrifles, hunting bags, knives and accoutrements. Here is an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause and showcase your work. We are planning an extensive PR campaign and would like you and your work to be included. We welcome new donors and if you are interested in contributing a work of your art to the auction, please contact Heinz Ahlers: Thanks to all the artists who have signed on so far. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Want to buy. Beaded, Finger Woven Sash

Looking for someone to make me, or someone who has a Finger Woven Sash. Would love to get one Iike the attached.

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Soft sole mocs

Used soft sole mocs, womens size 9. Shipping 8.00 sold pending payment

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Sheep Hide Shoe Inserts

100% Sheep Hide Wool Inserts: These are cut from short plush Sheep hides. They are perfect to put into your winter shoes or boots to keep your feet warmer. The extra leather and wool really helps keep the cold from coming up through the soles of your foot-wear. Also works very well inside of Moccasins to give them a little more cushion. I cut them into several sizes. Men: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14. Women: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. Prices range from $9 to $11. Color varies according to the hide they are cut from. Call for ordering size. 765-210-4080 Check out Website for more.

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Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors of the Mississippi Valley

Limited Edition Hardbacks are sold out! Thank you to all who supported and help sell out the hardcover edition in less than a month of its publication. Softcover edition - $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping Wholesale orders also available. Shadows In The Forest is written in two parts. The first part is dedicated to the woodland Indians who called the Mississippi Valley their home for centuries. Using primary source documentation, author Tim L. Jarvis gives a history of this once great and powerful Algonquian speaking Illinois Confederacy. The research and information provided is not meant to be the complete history of the Illinios Nation nor does it conclude the authors research on the topic. The authors goal is to provide a building block for others to pick up where he has left off and continue to garner attention towards a nation that has not received the proper attention that it deserves throughout the course of history. The second part is dedicated towards conducting a historically accurate portrayal of a non-nation specific woodland Indian. As a living history interpreter, the author wants to share the knowledge that he has gained through research, along with his personal experiences from over fifteen years of living history reenacting and experimental archaeology, to help you as the reader become a better living history reenactor. The goal is to provide the reader with quality information on how to conduct a more accurate woodland Indian portrayal. After reading this book, the author encourages the reader to continue to research, study primary source documentation, and learn more about your specific impression. Shadows In The Forest will be available through Warriors Trail, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other major retailers. Also now available through Muzzleloader Magazine and the Log Cabin Shop. The preferred ordering method is via credit card at Email me for other payment options.

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Gun Rack Rifle Gun Hooks -Large and Small

You are looking at a Blacksmith Hand Forged Set of Gun Rack Hooks. These hooks are made from 1/2" wide steel, and each set is one large and one small hook for better gun fit. One hook has a 1 7/8" opening, and one hook has a 2 3/8" opening; and are approximately 5" long. Each hook is line with black felt to protect your gun and comes with screws made to look like a forged nail. These hooks have a painted black hammered finish. Because the hooks are hand forged, the will all be slightly different. Please contact me if you are interested in a set of hooks. I will ship free in the US via first class mail.

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