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Henry Groff (attributed) Longrifle

This rifle is easily attributed to Henry Groff. It is in excellent condition with very few flaws. Nearly 38 3/4" barrel, .38 caliber rifled and filthy inside, 54" OAL. Unsigned, but with "chicken walk" engraving around the sights and up and down the barrel. Beautifully engraved, pierced box, nicely engraved toe plate, wear plate, trigger guard, and more. Silver inlays and barrel-key escutcheons, checkered wrist. I can't find much wrong with it, but the ramrod appears to be a replacement, the set triggers need a cleaning and/or adjustment, two forward thimbles are of slightly different lengths (although they appear original and of the same design). See pages 36 and 37 of Whisker's "Ohio Long Rifles, Vol. 2" for a very similar, signed rifle by Henry Groff. SOLD PENDING FUNDS 7/27/15.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.

Original Flip knife or friction knife RJT# 3651 - $45.00

This is an original very early knife called a friction folder. Used for small jobs around camp or out on the trap line it stays open by friction against the handle. That is why the blade extends to rest on the handle top. Handle is wood and 3 1/4" blade rests in a groove cut to accept it. Overall knife length when open is 8 1/4". Very handy little knife for eating or skinning, great on the trail or around camp. A simple flick of the wrist and the blade is open. Also included is a very primitive frontier era knife made from a file.

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$45.00Under maintenance4/23/2015
Susquhanock fishing net weights (original)

Fishing net weights picked up along the Susquhana River around the 1950's All pictured

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Original Beadwork

Original beadwork piece - 14 inches around & 4 inches deep/tall. Appears to be sewn with sinew; not sure what it was made for, but looks to have been wrapped around something. For its age the leather is in good condition. $120.00 plus shipping.

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Original Powder Horn with Strap and Measure

This is a very nice, original powder horn that is already set up to carry with your bag. It has a beautiful curve and twist that fits perfectly on your right hand side and snugs in tight to the body. The horn is about 14″ on the outside curve, and features a nicely decorated spout. The color is great and the overall form of the horn is spot on. The horn comes equip with an adjustable leather strap that features an iron buckle, as well as an 85 grain powder measure. The measure, which was made by Circle M horns, has beautiful style and decoration which just adds to the neatness of this setup. For additional photos, please visit our website and got to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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Mantle- as found condition West Virginia/ Ohio River Valley, found in log cabin 60 inches wide 52 inches tall Top shelf 63.5x8 deep Wood appears to be pin/fir/etc Pick up in Ohio Call Karl Smith @ 937-935-2233 or email

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$375.00Under maintenance4/20/2015
Percussion Longrifle, Nice Wallhanger, Dated "1888"

Nice fullstock with a cheekpiece and toeplate, dated on the sideplate. Old barrel, but not original to the gun; nails through the lugs holding it to the stock. Broken tang, patent breech, 36" barrel. Lock and double-set triggers work, but hammer is not the best fit and it is cracked.

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1864 Springfield rifle RJT# 3323-50 - $895.00

Model: 1864, Caliber: .45, Action Type: cap lock Markings: First Band marked with "U" Side Plate marked "US Springfield" with Eagle Crest and what looks to be "1864" Underside of stock is stamped with what looks like "AL" and a circled "P" On Left side of stock looks to be another stamp but unsure of what. An inspectors cartouche on the left side of the stock at the wrist. Barrel Length: 36 inches Sights / Optics: Missing the rear sight. Stock Configuration & Condition: No cracks. Some old handling dings. Type of Finish: Blue / Case Color Hardened, Bore Condition: bright and shinny, mint Overall Condition: The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good condition. Mechanics: excellent, Our Assessment: has had a barrel added to the stock. To see full screen pictures go to and search 3323-50 If you like you can pay there with credit card or paypal.

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$895.00Under maintenance4/4/2015
Dauphin County Flintlock Signed "Shell"

Please see gunbroker for full description and photos. Reduced price of $1100 includes shipping to you! Here's the link:

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Unsigned Adam Evick, Franklin, WV Ca 1810

Here is a nice early Adam Evick rifle in unrestored condition. It was originally a flintlock but changed to percussion in the 1830's. The barrel was shortened to 33 inches but retains its rifling about .45 cal. It has a nice old surface and has never been cleaned. The brass patchbox is typical of Evick's work. There is a silver 8-point star in the cheekpiece. It has nice curly maple with a pleasing patina. Please see other antique Kentucky rifles on my website

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