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Looking for the furniture to this Jaeger

I bought this original Jaeger rifle a couple years ago. The gentleman that I had purchased the rifle from had already sold off the original brass parts from it but had a set of castings made from the originals, which I was able to use to have it restored. I would love to find the original brass parts from this gun to return it to it's original condition. Thanks!

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diary of Col Peter Hawker 1st edition

1893 edition of the diary in 2 volumes. Some wear to the cloth bindings otherwise in good condition.

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Three powder horns

Three more horns First is smallest 7 inches long (very thin) rounded wood plug, rings at tip, no tip plug, small amount of bug damage (see photo) near plug, and a hairline crack in the body of the horn. second is a Buffalo horn, rounded wood plug, one mark (cut) on side of horn age???? Third is larger 10 inch horn, flat wood base plug, brass tacks, some bug damage near base plug, again age??? but seems old all three $110 shipped if you want just one then $40 plus shipping cost.

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Two small horns

Two small horns both about 7 inches long no bug damage. Horn 1 light color with rounded brass cap (most likely over a wooden plug) has a 1/2 inch spike in the center that is drilled for strap. Tip has two carved rings one of which has a brass band with loop for strap. Tip plug is carved horn with wood in center. Horn two is dark in color and thin, has flat wooden plug and carved rins at tip, missing tip plug. $120 for both shipped or $60 each plus shipping if you want only one.

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Instructions to Young Sportsmen 2nd American edition

American edition of 1853. Really interesting with much about hunting in the United States in addition to his usual content in the regular editions. Some damage to the spine and corner edges and some foxing but a nice edition.

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Early American Betty Lamp

Offered is an Early American Hand-Forged Betty Lamp. All iron, it stands 5 1/4" tall and is 4 1/4" in length. This is a great intact original piece of early Americana ... still a little grease inside. I can take whatever photos you like to show it off better. Asking $145.00 (OBO) including shipping to lower 48.

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Turkish decorative antique pistol

Decorative Turkish pistol. Not a reproduction. The barrel is not drilled for a touch hole and it is not substantial at the breech so it was never made to fire. The lock is flimsy and not made to work but will go to full and half cock.There are really nice silver wire work inlays and mother of pearl translucent inlays. There are profuse silver inlays in the barrel and lock. It is really elaborate and good quality. Cast brass mounts. Two pictures does not do it justice, more available. The barrel is 8.5 long with about an half inch bore. The reason I am posting this is because of the extensive wire work in the stock and silver inlays in the barrel and furniture.

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Original Period Virginia Folding Pocket Knife

Recent rare find! An original period folding pocket knife from Virginia. The knife appears in all original, untouched condition and is in excellent shape. The knife handle appears to be bone with a warm rich color that is scribed with lines and is cross-hatched. All of the bone is in excellent shape with no cracks or chips seen anywhere. The brass parts have a zig zag pattern etched into them. The spring is very strong and tight. All pins are tight. Nothing loose on this knife at all. The blade measures approx. 3 and one quarter inches long with the overall knife being 7 and one quarter inches long. The workmanship is truly wonderful. This knife is very similar to the knife made by Brian Barker in the current issue of American Traditions Magazine. Shipping is $15 additional for the cont. US only please. Thank you for looking. More pictures available on request. Pay pal or a postal money order preferred. Pay pal please add 3%.

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18th Century Wrought Iron Candle Stand

Wrought iron candle stands were extremely popular in Colonial America. They afforded their owners a convenient method of placing light exactly where it was needed in the otherwise dark interior of an 18th Century home. This hand forged American candle holder made from wrought iron is a great example of such a light. This style of candle holder was made to hold a splint or candle, utilizing a candle socket and tension spring. The spring keeps constant tension on the candle or splint and allows for height adjustment as it burns. There is a secondary candle socket attached to the main beam of the light. The main beam is the support structure for both candle sockets, and features a lovely twist design at the base that transitions into a chair hook or carry handle at the top. The drip pan is certainly another pleasing and unique feature on this light. It displays a heart design that has been gracefully and precisely shaped, containing a turned up lip around its perimeter. Beneath the heart shaped pan sit 3 delicate feet that support this finely made candle stand. The light measures 9 1/4″ tall with a 4 1/2″ wide pan.

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Southern Mountain Rifle - Stamped "S. Stout"

41 1/2" barrel, but otherwise fairly plain. Some cracks, small wood missing from upper barrel channel. Lockplate marked with an "H" and an arrow through it. Missing ramrod, buttplate loose, broken trigger. Looks like it was stocked in North Carolina, although S. Stout worked in Virginia.

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