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Looking for an Original forged pipe tomahawk head or a nice brass one. Must be old and 19th C. Thank you

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This is a great flat horn. Has some engraving, bird and flower design. Date on the plug looks like 1814 although could be 1815. Initials AD on the opposite side. Additional photos available on request. Includes shipping in USA

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5 layer (uncerqulated condition) Chevron bead

Outstanding condition, this bead will make one fantastic addition to your accouterments, and or collection. The bead measures 2" 1/4" Certified check or money order+ $5.95 priority mail.

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Antique Horn with Joe Mills Strap

Large left hand carry horn with an aged strap by Joe Mills. The horn measures 15.75 inches on the curve. The one area of bug damage has a period repair. Quite a nice old horn. $125. shipped

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Original 1863 HBC cross of Lorraine

For sale is a very nice original double bar cross of Lorraine Indian trade silver. Nicely hand made, has original patina. Boldly dated 1863 which is toward the end of the fur trade era. HBC is the maker's mark. Fresh to the market. Just a great artifact!

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Antique Williamsburg style oil lantern

This is an original oil lantern , sometimes called a barn lantern. It is metal construction with a door and old glass windows. It houses a working oil lamp which will stay lit in windy conditions. The frame measures: 18" to the top of the bail and is 6 & 1/2" wide. The font is made from galvanized tin with a # 2 Queen Ann burner. It is in excellent antique without having been restored. the price includes shipping to cont. USA. Many more photos upon request.

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Original Hudson Bay Brooch Trade Silver

original wheel brooch Indian trade silver. Nicely hand made, has original patina. Boldly marked HB for Hudson's Bay Company and a large W which is most likely the silversmith's mark. Profusely rocker engraved all around the perimeter and interior. Magnificent heart cutouts. Original pin is seen.

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Early 18th Century Candle Sconce

Here is a magnificent, hand forged wrought iron, Colonial American candle sconce. The design, symmetry and overall composition of the scroll work is superb. Good original examples of this quality are extremely rare. This piece has just recently been removed from an original 1743 house and is being offered in absolutely untouched, as-found condition. As you can see in the photos, this wonderful piece has suffered some damage at one point, and the Rooster on the right side was lost. This could either be restored back to its original condition, or simply left in its current As Found condition, and enjoyed in any 18th Century setting. A great piece of early lighting. For a few additional photos please visit our website and go to our Period Antiques page.

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Pioneer Made Buffalo Horn Hat Rack RJT# 3740 - $449.95

Description Buffalo Horn Hat rack of the 1870s. During the trail driving days and into the early 1900s, the making of items from horn reached a high popularity. Furniture companies added a sideline of horn furniture. Individuals, some on a large and others on a small scale, began to make chairs, tables, hall trees, hat racks and other items from cattle and buffalo horns. As thousands of horned cattle were shipped to various markets, their horns became available and were made use of by individuals wanting to have a part in the current horn fad. The finished products were as varied as the imagination of the makers. This is a 6-horn hat rack with the added feature of a pin cushion for miladies hat pins. Being made of buffalo they are by far more rare than cow horn racks. These horns are in excellent shape and are ready to hang your hat and gun belt on. A prefect addition to your old west room. See full screen pictures at enter 3740 in the search If you like you can order on the same page with a credit card or paypal. Thanks for looking. Why even Charlie Russel had one of these to hang his hat on.

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Original English-style Smoothbore

Early 19th century English-style smoothbore with walnut stock, 39" octagon-to-round smooth barrel. Ketland marked flintlock converted to percussion. Pleasing engraving on all brass hardware. Nice wall-hanger for a very reasonable price. Come by my table at the show to see it.

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