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Original Flip knife or friction knife RJT# 3651 - $45.00

This is an original very early knife called a friction folder. Used for small jobs around camp or out on the trap line it stays open by friction against the handle. That is why the blade extends to rest on the handle top. Handle is wood and 3 1/4" blade rests in a groove cut to accept it. Overall knife length when open is 8 1/4". Very handy little knife for eating or skinning, great on the trail or around camp. A simple flick of the wrist and the blade is open. Also included is a very primitive frontier era knife made from a file.

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$45.00Under maintenance4/23/2015
Trade Silver

Our trade silver are made of a combination of sterling silver, nickle silver and brass. Simple brass or nickle silver crosses are $25, fancy crosses, bras or silver $40. Engraved silver cross $75. Round engraved silver disc ( slightly antiqued ) copy of an original piece $75. Shipping free in the lower 48 states. We will have other items available in the future.

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$75.00Under maintenance11/8/2014
Antique Belt Knife

This Antique knife is 10 inches in length overall. The blade part is 5 and 7/8. The 2-piece antler handle is secured to the blade with three (looks like) copper rivets. Although somewhat crude in appearance, it has a frontier feel about it, is well made and still has holds a very good edge. It fits best in my left hand, but also works well in my right. I do not know the age. H: 218-245-2452 C: 218-259-3196

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$135.00Under maintenance11/1/2014
18th century Fireplace Shovel

This is an original 18th century fireplace tool, probably circa 1780, that has been largely untouched. The 7" long brass section with urn finial has a wonderful deep patina showing crisp turnings with just a shadow of rope turning on one section. The iron is hand forged and the sheet iron shovel is riveted to the shaft. As the photo shows, one corner is curled; this could be straightened. Total length is 31", the shovel is 7 1/2" long and about 6" at its widest point. Overall, a wonderful piece of history and a very pleasing piece that is still fully functional. You will be pleased, I am sure.

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$150.00Under maintenance12/17/2014

This is an Antique, Original "Bamboo Turned" Windsor Side Chair. The Bamboo Turned Windsors were typical from 1790-1850. This particular example shows beautiful age, wear and patina in all the right places. Originally, Windsor chairs were painted due to the fact that different species of wood were used in their construction. As you can see, this Windsor has since been stripped and refinished. However, the bottom of the seat still displays a multitude of colors from its journey through the ages. This is a great piece of history that exhibits the "real look" that everyone loves and it's hard to beat.

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$250.00Under maintenance12/4/2014

Mantle- as found condition West Virginia/ Ohio River Valley, found in log cabin 60 inches wide 52 inches tall Top shelf 63.5x8 deep Wood appears to be pin/fir/etc Pick up in Ohio Call Karl Smith @ 937-935-2233 or email

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$375.00Under maintenance4/20/2015
Yelin signed pistol with Lyman mold

*SOLD* - This pistol has a 9 inch 38 caliber barrel, a Lyman .369" mold and approximately 50 cast lead balls. The ONLY markings on the pistol/lock is the word "Yelin" carved around the base of the butt stock. The stock appears to be American walnut. The craftsmanship of the entire pistol is extremely well done. I would assume the pistol is meant to be used for target shooting since it has very fine sights and a very light trigger pull (it is not a sett trigger) and is adjustable for weight of pull. It has a hooked breech, the rifling is unique for a ML, it has 14 grooves. Email ( questions or for more photos. Pistol, mold, $550 firm. I might consider a trade for something interesting.

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$550.00Under maintenance1/12/2015
Original Hand Forged Axe Head Maker Marked HB

Beautiful Very Old Maker Marked HB also with a Tomb/Key Stone Mark.

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Project signed William Evick, Franklin, Pendleton CO WV ca 1840

If you have some level of restoration ability here is a nice project. Signed W E in script on the 43 inch original length barrel for William Evick. It was broken above the lock and repaired in period, then broken at its weakest point but could be glued and reinforced with little effort. The surface is original with wonderful patina; the curly maple is excellent. The patchbox is typical of his earlier work and has a nice patina.

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$800.00Under maintenance5/8/2015
1864 Springfield rifle RJT# 3323-50 - $895.00

Model: 1864, Caliber: .45, Action Type: cap lock Markings: First Band marked with "U" Side Plate marked "US Springfield" with Eagle Crest and what looks to be "1864" Underside of stock is stamped with what looks like "AL" and a circled "P" On Left side of stock looks to be another stamp but unsure of what. An inspectors cartouche on the left side of the stock at the wrist. Barrel Length: 36 inches Sights / Optics: Missing the rear sight. Stock Configuration & Condition: No cracks. Some old handling dings. Type of Finish: Blue / Case Color Hardened, Bore Condition: bright and shinny, mint Overall Condition: The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good condition. Mechanics: excellent, Our Assessment: has had a barrel added to the stock. To see full screen pictures go to and search 3323-50 If you like you can pay there with credit card or paypal.

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$895.00Under maintenance4/4/2015
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