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Eight Fabulous Kentucky Rifles

I have eight wonderful Kentucky rifles for sale. They range in price from $5,000 to $45,000. I'll happily send you pictures, but you owe it to yourself to see these in person, if you are interested in buying one. Dickert & Gill (beautifully signed, 48" barrel, flint) $8500, Abraham Schweitzer (beautifully signed, relief carved, percussion) $7500, Frederick Sell (fowler, relief carved, percussion) $5000, Simon Miller (beautifully signed, carved, percussion) $5500, John Bonewitz (signed w/initials, relief carved, flint) $13000, Wolfgang Haga (black, relief carved, percussion) $35000, Jacob Kuntz (beautifully signed, relief carved, flint, ex-Kindig) $45000, John Brooks (beautifully signed, relief carved, flint) $8000. The Schweitzer is pictured.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.

sold pending funds Botetourt Co, VA childs rifle

Here is a most unusual child's or ladies rifle with a cast brass, friction lid, engraved patchbox. Plain maple take-down stock. The barrel is rifled, .32 cal, 39 inch, and only 5/8ths inch across the flats. Yes, it needs restoration: fore end with pipes and cap, lock, and sights; but what a neat little gun. I will be set up at the 6th Annual Eastern PA show in Morgantown, PA on Sept 18 & 19. Please see for more antique Kentucky rifles. sold pending funds

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Old Repurposed Knife

Great addition to your kit. Can be added to the back of your bag or carried in your belt.

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5 layer (uncerqulated condition) Chevron bead

Outstanding condition, this bead will make one fantastic addition to your accouterments, and or collection. The bead measures 2" 1/4" Certified check or money order+ $5.95 priority mail.

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Original Beadwork

Sale Pending . . . Original beadwork piece - 14 inches around & 4 inches deep/tall. Appears to be sewn with sinew; not sure what it was made for, but looks to have been wrapped around something. For its age the leather is in good condition. $120.00 plus shipping. Sale Pending . . .

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Original Powder Horn with Strap and Measure

This is a very nice, original powder horn that is already set up to carry with your bag. It has a beautiful curve and twist that fits perfectly on your right hand side and snugs in tight to the body. The horn is about 14″ on the outside curve, and features a nicely decorated spout. The color is great and the overall form of the horn is spot on. The horn comes equip with an adjustable leather strap that features an iron buckle, as well as an 85 grain powder measure. The measure, which was made by Circle M horns, has beautiful style and decoration which just adds to the neatness of this setup. For additional photos, please visit our website and got to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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Original Iron Tinder Box w/ Bag by Autumn Coleman

A very rare find! An original iron tinder box. The box was purchased from an antique dealer in the East. The box appears to be a one piece bottom and top. The box measures 3 and one quarter inches long by 2 and one half inches wide and has traces of a paint perhaps? and is well worn throughout. The kit also includes a hand sewn brain tan Antelope pouch by Autumn Coleman (grand daughter) of the Sibley's. The quality is as you would expect, excellent! (the smallest stitches I have seen) The bag is also beaded on the top edge and secures with a pig hide wang. The kit also includes a forged striker (maker unkown) but really sparks, a flint piece, and linen tow. Thank you for looking. Shipping is $15 additional for the cont. US only please.

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Hand Forged

This is a beautiful piece, I have never seen anything this uniquely shaped. Maker Marked "HB"

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Mantle- as found condition West Virginia/ Ohio River Valley, found in log cabin 60 inches wide 52 inches tall Top shelf 63.5x8 deep Wood appears to be pin/fir/etc Pick up in Ohio Call Karl Smith @ 937-935-2233 or email

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$375.00Under maintenance4/20/2015
Pioneer Made Buffalo Horn Hat Rack RJT# 3740 - $449.95

Description Buffalo Horn Hat rack of the 1870s. During the trail driving days and into the early 1900s, the making of items from horn reached a high popularity. Furniture companies added a sideline of horn furniture. Individuals, some on a large and others on a small scale, began to make chairs, tables, hall trees, hat racks and other items from cattle and buffalo horns. As thousands of horned cattle were shipped to various markets, their horns became available and were made use of by individuals wanting to have a part in the current horn fad. The finished products were as varied as the imagination of the makers. This is a 6-horn hat rack with the added feature of a pin cushion for miladies hat pins. Being made of buffalo they are by far more rare than cow horn racks. These horns are in excellent shape and are ready to hang your hat and gun belt on. A prefect addition to your old west room. See full screen pictures at enter 3740 in the search If you like you can order on the same page with a credit card or paypal. Thanks for looking. Why even Charlie Russel had one of these to hang his hat on.

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