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Looking for an Original forged pipe tomahawk head or a nice brass one. Must be old and 19th C. Thank you

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This is a great flat horn. Has some engraving, bird and flower design. Date on the plug looks like 1814 although could be 1815. Initials AD on the opposite side. Additional photos available on request. Includes shipping in USA

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18th Century American Snuff Box

Here is an original, 18th Century American snuff box. You can tell its an American box by examining the construction techniques used as well as the style of engraving used. The wiggle engraving was a very common style of engraving used in the 18th Century and this one is done with 2 adjacent smoking pipes above a pitcher and what appears to be 2 drinking glasses. The box also has a nicely executed border to tie it all together. The box is in extremely nice condition, having basically no wear to the brass box itself or the engraving, the hinge is in perfect tact and the clasp holds the lid closed properly. The dimensions of this neat little piece of American history are 2 7/8″ long by 2 1/8″ wide and 1″ thick. The perfect size to tote your snuff around in your pocket!! For additional photos please visit our website and go to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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Large Knife hand forged

9.5" blade 16" overall. Beautiful knife.

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18th early 19th Century Iroquois Ball Headed Club

Straight from the Cattaraugus Reservation of Western New York, we are offering this great late 18th early 19th Century Iroquois Ball Head Club carved from heavy dense maple burl. The Club measures roughly 16.5 inches in length and is carved with the effigy of a panther's head comprising the business end. The Panther was a special animal to the early Iroquoian People that held great power and was frequently portrayed on pipes, combs and other objects both utilitarian and religious in nature. The animal's head is done in a very simplistic manner with tiny raised nodules on the top representing ears, crescent shaped hollows for the eyes, two holes for the nostrils and a wide open mouth with protruding tongue being the main striking point. The carving was done with metal tools with marks evident from knives. Over all the piece presents a hard dry patina with low to heavy polish from handling and use. There are several age cracks through out the club head. This piece was purchased directly from a member of the Seneca Nation and had passed down by descent through his family.

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Trade rifle

Offering a ketland and co. Trade rifle it's smooth bore round barrel full stock conversion . The barrel is held on with 3 wedges . The gun has a old screw repair to wood around the lock but it is strong . The rifle has a nice untouched overall look Steve 1-501-278-7706. Or Tammy 501-207-2599

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Signed J Brooks Harrisburg, PA project gun

Here is a once beautiful rifle signed by John Brooks. This is most likely made while in Dauphin County. It has his typical nicely engraved patchbox, mounts, and inlays, though all are missing! Lock is original and marked Calderwood. Barrel is smoothbore, 36 inches long cut from the muzzle. All inlays, toe plate, set trigger, forestock, fore end cap, and ramrod pipes missing. You've got a lot of work to do but this is a worthwhile project. Just in time for winter. email me for many more pictures. see other newly added rifles at

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Leman .36-Cal Rifle

Leman .36-cal., 42 1/2" barrel, dark stained maple, faint Leman markings on lock and barrel, brass butt plate and trigger guard that has touches of plating on it, no entry pipe, trade fusil band at front instead of nose cap. Appears to be bottomline of Leman trade rifles. Lock, stock, small cal. barrel and that's about it.

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Signed "J. Stapleton" Over/Under Double Rifle

33 1/4" barrels, nice stamp on top barrel flat, both rifled about .40 caliber, his typical cheek piece and cap box. A couple of silver inlays, nice piece of wood may have been lightly cleaned. Mis-matched hammers, but locks and triggers in good working order. Short hairline cracks next to tang with a few small nails above right-side lock, but everything is tight.

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J. Henry & Son .32-Cal. Rifle

J. Henry & Son .32-cal., 36" barrel, J. Henry on lock and barrel, U.S. stamp behind trigger guard.

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