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Wilson Knives

Wilson Hawksworth Ellison & Co matching table knives in very good to excellent condition. $28. for pair shipping included to lower 48.

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Small Draw Knife

Small draw knife. Cutting edge of blade is 6 1/4" long and 5/8" wide. Overall about 8 3/4" long and 2 1/2" wide. Cutting edge is smooth without any nicks. In useable condition, but needs sharpening. Price includes shipping within continental US. ***SOLD***

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Authentic Trade Beads - White Chalk, AKA Crackle

This is one of 10 strands available. These are Dutch trade beads, circa 1600-1800. Strand is 26" long.

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Wrought Iron Claw Hammer

Antique hand forged hammer. The grain of the wrought iron is clearly visible in the profile of the head. Handle looks to be original. A more recent wedge seems to have been added to the rear of where the handle fits into the head. Everything is very solid and useable. Overall length is 10 5/8". Head is about 4 5/8" long. Price includes shipping within continental US.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Small Mowhawk Red Green Hearts

One of five strands available. Authentic, rare Venetian made trade beads, circa 1600-1800. This strand is 25" long.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Cranberry Red Venetian Tube

This is one of only four strands available. These are authentic trade beads circa 1600-1800. Photo does not do justice to how these look in sunlight!

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Early Knife/Fork Sets

J. Russell & Co. Green River Works (dark handles) set of 4 knives and forks in excellent condition. I have been collecting for almost 30 years and these are the best I've seen ... $140 OBO. including shipping to lower 48. Light handled are American Cutlery with minor surface tarnish in very good condition ... $110 OBO. including shipping to lower 48. All are very usable.

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Authentic Trade Beads - Black Peacock Faceted Bugels

AKA The Mourning Bead. Circa 1800. 1 Pound hank.

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Now One Longrifle, One Low Price

This is a nice curly maple fullstock, 37" barrel, .45 caliber rifled, brass furniture and engraved patchbox, engraved German silver inlays (some missing), mostly restored. Missing wood right side of barrel channel to nose cap(13" X 3/8"), left side near nose cap (4" X 1/4"), some wood replaced around lock. Replaced nosecap, triggerguard, wearplate, sideplate, tang, and lock. This is not a shooter as the breech plug threads are rusted off. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 4-17-14.

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African trade gun

Trade flintlock time period around 1815. I think it is 89 cal. it is in great shape. That is about all I can tell you about this gun

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