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Waxed linen

Waxed linen brown and white available $8.00 per roll. A roll has 25 yards on waxed linen.Shipping $4.00

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Lehigh Liberty Lady Pin

Mystery has long shrouded the carved and inlayed figures found on arms built in the Lehigh Valley region and occasionally eastern Berks county. Is it a woman with a hat? A Native American figure? Most longrifle scholars now believe that the figure represents the "Lady Liberty", who symbolizes the revolution and freedom. This design was modeled referencing two different inlays on original Lehigh Valley rifles by Herman Rupp. This pin is produced in pewter, with a tumbled finish, made 100% in the USA by a small environmentally responsible company. Each pin is individually packaged and displayed on an attractive figured maple background. Dimensions are 1 1/4" x 5/8". Introductory price per pin is $10 plus $4 shipping in a padded envelope. Pins can also be purchased in person at shows and demonstrations. See my schedule of events on the Contact page at Please email me to purchase a pin, Thank you!

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Dunrustic rendered bear fat to oil. One of the best oils for your leather goods, shot patches, and even whipping down your rifle. These 2 oz bottles are handy and will last a long time. Each bottle is $12.00 plus $3.00 for S&H&INS in USA. Buy 2 or more bottles and we'll pay your shipping. PayPal or MO. PayPal or MO. Thank you.

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Double Rendered Bear Fat

Dunrustic; I've had some inquires about our 2oz tins of bear grease and what's in them. This is twice rendered bear fat, twice rendered white tail deer suet, bees wax, and sweet oil. I use it for waterproofing and conditioning all my leather, patch lube, wiping down my rifle, axes, and knives. We burnish the 2oz tins. The leather pouches are bark tanned whitetail and sewn with waxed linen thread and a leather thong for closing. The tins are $12.00 each and $3.00 S&H&INS. A tin with a pouch is $25.00 and $3.00 S&H&INS. Any order of 2 or more items is FREE shipping in USA. Thank You.

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Polished Cow Horns/Unpolished Cow Horns

Two new shipments of horns for all your powder horn needs! Polished Horns ranging in size from 6 inches to 24 inches all sizes $15. Discounts for volume of 100 horns or more. Unpolished horns range in size from 36 inches down to 20. Great for cup stock, tips, and materials. Prices range from $20 - $10 per horn depending on size. Cup blanks already cut $6 each.

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Port a crayon (pencil) (ALL SOLD)

These are made by me in my shop.. They are 5/16 in diameter All will vary in size and length as each are made one at a time. I designed these from the numerous originals I have looked at and been able to make this "version" at a affordable price so you can now have something "cool" to write with at events and on the trail. They are $20 each plus shipping which runs about $5 To order send email to: I take Paypal, check or money order.. THESE ARE READY TO SHIP Thanks Ken D. Bueche

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Vue picks to clean ignition hole

Vue picks to clean ignition holes made by Homer Sales. Four for $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.

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"What They Had To Say" written by Ron Vail

I wrote the following book a few years ago: What They Had To Say ~ A Collection of Sayings Engraved on Eighteenth Century American Powder Horns. This 31 page reference book, most of which was written with an old-time nib pen, is a collection of sayings engraved by the maker or owner of old, original powder horns. Spellings, word placement and letter substitutions - i.e., the letter I was often used for J so Iohn would be John -are exactly as they appear on the horn. To the author's knowledge this is the only book available specifically addressing this area of our American heritage. The book also includes some drawings as seen on these originals. The back of the book contains a section titled - What it is Today - What it was Then. For example, the spelling today would be Saratoga. As seen on original horns it was Seradoka, Stoga, Saratoge and Saratogua. The book will be signed by me and, if you like, personalized.

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flint strikers

Flint strikers by Nathan Allen, Atlanta, IN. Forged from high-carbon 1095 steel, these will throw a nice spark. All are based on historic examples. Goose/swan striker is 4 1/8" x 1 5/8", smaller striker is 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" Swan striker $25, double loop striker $25, single loop striker $20 $10 shipping

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Horseshoe Nail Spoon

Horseshoe Nail Spoon Hand forged by Homer Sales this seventeenth century spoon was used to measure such items as spices and medicine. The spoon was a must for early settler women. It was small and easy to carry and they often used more than one spoon in their household….priced at $21.00 for all 3 plus $5.00 for shipping & handling.

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